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Are you active in your alumnae chapter? I'm a dues paying member to two alumnae chapters (one local, one about three hours away), and am as involved as my life allows!

Are you an advisor? Not now, but have previously held multiple advising positions including Chapter Adviser.

Are you part of a chapter's housing corp? Not now, but have previously served as a (Housing) Corporation President. The stories I could tell, and probably already told here, about that experience. I also helped with the last revision of our AOII Corporation Manual.

Are you a regional/province/whatever officer? I'm currently serving as a Network Specialist-Recruitment for Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Toronto. I work with all areas of Recruitment, Public Relations, Panhellenic and of course Ritual. Before my current position, I served as a Collegiate Network Specialist for 4+ years.

Are you a national officer of some sort? Nope, and that's more than fine by me because I adore what I'm doing now.

Something else? Yes, I was recently appointed as an AOII Foundation Ambassador! So excited to have this opportunity to share the amazing work our Foundation accomplishes!
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