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Originally Posted by ChioLu View Post
Chi Omega will occasionally do AI, but it’s a rare circumstance.
For instance, if a local sorority become a Chi Omega chapter, HQ will offer the Alumnae of that local to be initiated.
Or if Chi Omega is colonizing in a city with few Alumnae, we will offer AI to a select few women in that city (like civic leaders).
Rarest occasion, if a member’s mother (unaffiliated in college) does a ton of volunteering for her daughter’s chapter and Chi Omega nationally. (But, I’ve known 1 member whose mom did so much volunteering, yet never got asked. My own mom has done lots of volunteering, making/sewing stuff for my XO chapter and UCLA’s. She’d probably have to find the missing loving cups, stolen many years ago from our HQ, to ever be asked! Mom has photos, as she is an avid estate sale shopper! She went to Baylor University before there were sororities and wasn’t in a local that became a NPC group.)
My mother was a member of the local which became Chi Omega; when she inquired about being initiated, she was told she'd have to go through a form of rush with the chapter! Chi Omega's loss was Gamma Phi's gain; she was initiated in to my chapter (conveniently , I attended the same college) and was an alumna advisor and alumnae chapter officer for years.
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