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Originally Posted by VioletsAreBlue View Post
They are not handing out participation trophies so everybody gets a bid everywhere. Life is not like that. But I do wish there were ways where this process wasn't quite as heartbreaking for those who get hurt along the way.
Their snowplow parents have run interference for them to prevent them any disappointment to the point that they do expect to have their pick of sororities-both PNMs and parents. They do expect 1st place trophies because they have gotten trophies or awards for all the things they did growing up. They have been set up with unrealistic expectations, and when they are dropped by the perceived best chapters( never mind they still have excellent choices from which to choose) they, having never learned coping skills and being in a situation that mama can’t fix, drop out because they “didn’t connect” with their remaining choices. And the mamas blame it on the mean, bad, snooty sororities and the system.
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