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Originally Posted by LightnAiry View Post
I applied for a position but won't find out if I got it for a while. And I would love to do fun events with them but all that's on their minds seems to be parties and alcohol.

They said that its not fun to be sober at a tailgate, I said I do it all the time, and their first response was that I had a high tolerance for "bulls***" and some joked that the day I get black out from drinking they would videotape it. I love them already they're funny and nice but I feel like an outsider a lot of the time.
You say that like there is something wrong with being an outsider. There isn't! can't change others - only yourself so stop with this. I was the consummate outsider in my pledge class but for different reasons. Large public U - Alabama. I was one year younger than my PC because I skipped a grade. I also went to Catholic schools all my life -most of them were Baptist.. I also went to a Catholic girls's boarding school for high school. I assure you there was NO ONE in my demographic in my PC! I'm also an introvert. But I looked at it as an opportunity for growth -and boy did that ever happen. Just like when this little southern girl went to StLouis and they joked about my accent, I just rolled with the flow. Quit over analyzing their remarks. The next time they say they can't wait to take that picture of you passed out, respond that you'll pay good money for a copy. It will all even out over time. It's just the second week in September. You haven't been there that long yet. Funny story - when I first got to St Louis classmates were always coming to me saying "say something." I'd try to ask why,what was their issue,etc. Finally, it struck me! Whenever someone said "say something," I responded "something" in my best Southern drawl. They finally quit!
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