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Originally Posted by violetpretty View Post
ETA: I think also part of the reason that conversation doesn't get mentioned as much is because it's subjective and harder to give concrete suggestions for conversation.
Oh, I totally agree. It's just that I think to some PNMs or moms or whatever, when they read the advice we give they start to get the idea that a 4.0, varsity sport, 200 hours of community service and three recs will put their daughter at the top of every sororities bidlist. Realistically, she's probably high on their radar with stats like that, but if she comes off as snotty, painfully shy or resistant to answering questions it tends to negate all the incredible accomplishments she does have. Also, since those are the stats that put her in the college she is in, most other women likely have similar stats and maybe they have better personalities.

It is harder to give concrete conversation advice, but I think that PNMs do need to know this is a major criteria for many chapters and to get out there and practice meeting new people or run through "practice conversation" with sorority women/alumnae (obviously not from her school as that could be dirty rushing!) and get some honest feedback.
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