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Originally Posted by BraveMaroon View Post
A million times this! I honestly believe that if you had put all the sororities on my campus in a hat and pulled one at random, I could have joined and been completely fine.

What I loved about my sorority experience is that we had every kind of sister in the house, so if you wanted to party, or study, or worship, or watch movies - there was always someone there who was up for that.
Exactly. I can say the same about my own chapter and we had maybe 60ish.

I find that the only time the "I don't fit" thing is valid, is when you're dealing with chapters of like 30 women. I might buy it if you were rushing at a school like one of the chapters I work with, where there are 3 chapters and they're all 30 or fewer members. There is a definite possibility that the chapters have a very distinct identity because there are so few people.

Other than that, no.

"Remember that apathy has no place in our Sorority." - Kelly Jo Karnes, Pi

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