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Originally Posted by SoCalGirl View Post
It speaks to retention only if you know how many seniors they should have in the chapter. If you know that number you probably already know how many they have now.

If they have hardly any seniors maybe it's because three years ago they had a bad recruitment and hardly got any freshman. They could have 100% retention and still have low numbers.

Also, even if they had retention issues that led to a small senior number now, without knowing when those issues occured it won't tell you much about current retention. Maybe 2 - 3 years ago they had a loss of girls but have been smooth sailing since.
Sure, and you could also have fewer seniors if you pledged a lot of sophomores one year, instead of freshmen. Or you could have a ton of seniors who write their check and do the bare minimum just because they are so close to being done, anyway. Still interesting, and I bet you could glean the info from past grade reports at many schools.
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