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Originally Posted by tcsparky View Post
Hard to believe I have been here for a full year now!
Wow! I can't believe it's been a year either!

I am finally getting around to getting the UK driving license. I have hired a Driving School to support me with this. They are SO nit-picky. For example, every time I transition to a new road (turn a corner, merge, etc), I have to make exaggerated head movements to show that I am checking all three mirrors. If the examiner doesn't see clear enough head movements, they will mark me down as having not checked all mirrors.

Haha....I did that on my California driver's test way back in 1993. The driving school drilled it in to us that we would be marked down for "not looking" before proceeding through an intersection and advised us to make sure the examiner saw us checking. On the day of my driving exam, I came up to the first 4-way intersection on the test. I came to a full stop, looked left, right, and then left again like I'm supposed to. Except, the examiner was also looking down the cross street to make sure it was clear. So, when I was looking right, he was also looking right and his back was towards me. I panicked, because if he was looking away from me, then he might not have seen my head movements and I didn't want to get marked down. So, with exaggerated head movements, I quickly looked left-right-left one more time. I then got marked down for being too cautious. LOL! (I still passed though!)

Glad you are having a great experience so far!
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