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Hard to believe I have been here for a full year now! I am finally getting around to getting the UK driving license. I have hired a Driving School to support me with this. They are SO nit-picky. For example, every time I transition to a new road (turn a corner, merge, etc), I have to make exaggerated head movements to show that I am checking all three mirrors. If the examiner doesn't see clear enough head movements, they will mark me down as having not checked all mirrors.

When turning onto another street, they have Give Way, not stop signs. OK. But sometimes I can't see well enough to just drive out into the street! So I stop or pause before making the turn. On the driving test, I can get dinged for pausing too long, because it endangers the other drivers behind me.

And don't even get me started on the round-abouts!! I don't think ANYONE actually knows what to do in those. It looks like an automobile free-for-all!
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