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Originally Posted by tcsparky View Post
I want to buy a car during the half-term break. Question for those of you who are / have lived temporarily in the UK:

Do I need to get a UK driving license? Whenever I have rented a car, my US driving license was considered valid. However, if I am a temporary resident (as opposed to a temporary visitor), do I need a UK license?
We had a similar bank issue when moving here! The UK banks do not love working with Americans because it means more paperwork for them (they have to report the accounts to the IRS) - so it's really difficult to get accounts. The paperwork juggle is crazy!

UK Driving License - you can drive on your US license for 1 year, then you are supposed to get a UK License. Start the process early because it can be quite lengthy ( -- more info here). It can sometimes be hard to find someone that will insure you here on your US licence and insurance is more expensive than in the US.
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