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Originally Posted by AGDee View Post
This is the fifth or sixth place they've excavated over the last couple years. I'd be shocked if they ever find him. Frankly, it's been so long I don't know why they're spending valuable resources continuing to search. We have enough other stuff for the police to be doing.
Tony Zerilli already said he's broke and needs money. He knows a lot. If they find nothing it's either because everything decomposed, they told him the wrong thing, or he's too old to remember. He is (was?) very close to the men who were supposed to meet Hoffa that day. i'm convinced Hoffa is in witness protection and that's why the FBI keeps acting on these tips. If they blow it off, the mafia might catch on that he's still alive somewhere.

Fun note: I went to school with Hoffa's great nephew. We used to joke that he was buried in his basement.
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