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Originally Posted by AGDee View Post
This is the fifth or sixth place they've excavated over the last couple years. I'd be shocked if they ever find him. Frankly, it's been so long I don't know why they're spending valuable resources continuing to search. We have enough other stuff for the police to be doing.
Glory, fame, fortune...Gosh could you imagine being the guy who finds Hoffa's remains? A book deal and an interview with Oprah would be in your future.

Being probably the most famous missing person case of the 20th century I don't anticipate the search for Hoffa to end anytime in the near future, especially now that all the death bed confessions are starting to roll in.

What I still don't understand is where all these rumors and legends of Hoffa being buried in NJ or NY come from. Pretty much everyone who investigated the case believes that he was killed within an hour or two after he left that restaurant and it happened in the Detroit Metro area. Why anyone would think that somebody would be ballsy enough to try to transport his body across the country just to hid it in a interesting place is beyond my comprehension. If I had those sort of resources to dispose of a corpse, I'd just cremate the body and flush the ashes down a toilet.
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