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People of importance in your fraternity/sorority don't necessarily have to be what we would call "famous". While I agree that every member of a Greek letter organization is just as important as any other member, I would not dare say that I have done as much in my life or for my fraternity as say, Ronald Reagan, another Teke. That's just plain ridiculous. More Americans knew him than they know me. That's where my question stemmed from. I'm not trying to make it come across as some sort of a popularity contest. I was just genuinely interested in famous people and people of importance by today's standards who are members of your fraternity/sorority. It's a simple question of who in your fraternity/sorority is known by many people (i.e. famous or of importance) so as to help get the name of your fraternity/sorority out in the public better. If I was to stand next to Ronald Reagan (RIP) in a store and we both told people we were Tekes, who do think people would be more interested in listening to about Tau Kappa Epsilon. I think the answer is obvious...
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