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Originally Posted by SthrnZeta View Post

I just applied to Drexel's online program in Higher Ed Admin with grad certificate in student development and affairs. I currently work in an alumni relations office and I am the faculty/staff adviser for a fraternity here. I've also just started as the co-adviser to the recruitment chair of a local chapter of ZTA. Since I can't do a grad assistantship in this program (they do co-op's instead) I thought I'd try to just get as much experience as possible, even before my degree (to help me get into the program and let the admissions committee know I'm serious!).

Any thoughts on how employers might view this approach...? My diploma will just say Drexel University but I'm sure it'll come out in interviews that I did online (my husband is Army so it made more sense to do it this way). Any thoughts on my path???
I supervise the Greek Life at my campus.

I think it depends on how you word it on your resume. At larger schools with very competitive applicant pools, it might not look as strong as someone with 2 years of a GA as Pahnel or IFC advisor. So, it does depend on who is else is applying for the same jobs you are and again, how you add it to your resume. When I got my first job as a Greek Advisor, all my experience was as a chapter advisor. I used that to say yes, I know about Greek Life and it's different aspects (as far as working with the councils). That combined with my other student activities experience got me the job.

I listed the chapter advisor experience under "Work and Related Experience" on my resume and not as a side note under volunteer experience.
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