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Originally Posted by Elephant Walk View Post
The sorority which I was discussing previously happened to take a girl who was not up to....fraternity traditional standards, to put it nicely. I'm not specifically talking about looks. It drove away fraternities from having partys because no one wanted to have a party with that sort of girl. Rumor spread of this girl and things went downhill from there. My fraternity and sorority friends who went to school at the time acknowledge this.
So this is one girl who is (insert hideous social deformity of your choice here) - would they really not want to party with the WHOLE sorority, even if the rest of the sorority was hot and awesome and fun? I mean, didn't y'all ever see that M*A*S*H* episode where they drew straws and the loser had to take out the klutzy girl? Couldn't you do that?

Or are you trying to say that the girl in question was working the other side of the hot dog stand? Guys, your mojo will not go limp because there happens to be a lesbian in the room.

I mean, if we had refused to mix with this or that fraternity because of ONE a-hole, we would have never had mixers.
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