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[quote=SWTXBelle;1608578]BACK ON TOPIC - The inability to mix with some fraternities is a real problem for struggling chapters. Fraternities hold a lot of sway with the ability to mix, and all other considerations aside, a fraternity chapter of 80+ is not going to be interested in having a mixer with a sorority of 20 - 30. PNMs going through rush will notice social pictures during recruitment - again, contributing to the inability of the group to successfully recruit enough quality pledges to turn it around.quote]

That is so true it is really awkward when a sorority is trying to have a social with a fraternity and only 15 of the girls show up and 30 guys come. Also you would be surprise how big of an impact fraternities have on recruitment. For instance, this year the " least popular" sorority had a really bad recruitment this year mainly due to a problem they had with the most popular fraternity. The guys invited a lot of pnms to a party before rush started and told a lot of the girls what ever you do dont pledge the "least popular" sorority. Of course girls are going to listen to these guys. Although the guys may not have meant any harm it didnt help that sorority's appeal to pnms. A lot of pnms were crying if they got a bid from the "least popular" sorority.
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