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Originally Posted by Momoffour View Post
My daughter went through rush and pledged the chapter where she felt most comfortable. She is very happy with her new sisters and is looking forward to becoming a member. When going through rush, she knew that her chapter wasn't considered the popular group on campus, but that didn't matter to her because she really loved the girls that she had met.
I went through informal rush. I knew the minute I walked in the DDD house I was home. I liked the girls and felt so comfortable there. It was a chapter that struggled, improved, and then closed after I graduated.

If you gave me a do-over knowing everything I do now, I WOULD STILL CHOOSE THE SAME CHAPTER. Yes, even though it closed and has not reopened. I found my people and I'm still friends with them to this day, interacting on FB with several of them daily.

Please, please, please let it go and let your daughter enjoy her choice. You owe her that as her mom.
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