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Preparing for recruitment since birth

I didn't want to hijack the Alabama Recruitment Question thread that just started, but I was interested in this comment by OTW:

Face it, you'll be competing for spots with some girls who have been preparing for this since birth. That's how competitive this campus is.

I know this gets said on GC from time to time, but I'd be curious if people would give concrete examples of exactly how these women are prepped from birth (whether at Alabama or at the other cut-throat universities). I don't doubt it is true for one minute. But I'd be interested in hearing examples of what these girls and their moms do in order to maximize their chances (beyond recs for every house, etc.).

And does anyone in the know have any kind of idea how many of these heavily prepped women don't make it into an "acceptable" chapter? I know no such actual numbers exist. I'm thinking more anecdotal type stuff.

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