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Originally Posted by nicolypoly View Post
Okay I'm going to begin by saying that I'm about to type a novel and I apologize but I want to give ya'll the full story.

So last year I went to UGA and rushed but dropped out before receiving a bid. I transferred this year to UNC and was determined to go greek after feeling like I missed out last year. I went through round one felt good about everything then looked at my schedule today and got dropped by all but four houses (we can have up to eight) two of which were in my bottom three. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong! Some of the houses I'm not surprised about as some convos were kinda awkward but I really felt like I hit it off with a lot of the houses! I had two girls at one house almost crying laughing and at another a girl literally got chills after I told her a story about my dad. I feel like I'm an interesting person, I've traveled a lot, I rode horses growing up (I had a heart braking story too about my horse fracturing her shoulder), I was involved at my old school and in high school. I know I'm not like a VS model but I rally do think I'm pretty and have a decent body and I don't want to sound shallow or self centered but I know sorority's take this into account. And again not to sound classist or shallow but I know sororitys often like girls who come from wealthier families and I talked about how my parents donate money to the school (which is true) and how me and my mom love to go shopping on Madison avenue especially at Prada (also true). Now i didn't just sit there and list off like "oh yeah my parents did this and this and I get this and this" I only mentioned these things when the conversation kinda worked its way to it. I saw my schedule and called my mom crying today, I still have two houses left that I like but I'm scared they'll drop me now like all the others. I don't understand because I look around, and again I really don't want to come off as judgmental or shallow but I know sororitys look at these things, anyway I look around and see girls who I personally feel like I'm cuter than or that seem a little awkward and they all have more houses than me. They also have a mix across the board of middle, top, and bottom houses. I don't put too much weight into tiers but there are "levels" of houses that are more competitive to get into and a lot of girls it seems like they were asked back to houses that they truly clicked with but for me I got asked back to only bottom and middle tiers houses so it makes me feel like I only got to back because not enough other girls wanted to go back. Again I don't care that much about tier but the only two houses left that I like are considered middle and so if I truly am not wanted then there's a better chance of them dropping me.

Ugh again sorry for the novel guys, any feed back would help, any guesses as to why I'm getting systematically dropped from these sororitys. I thought maybe because I'm a transfer but I know some transfers who got into houses they loved no problem. I'm truly at a loss here.

Oh my.... NEVER talk about money, in ANY way, shape or form, unless you are at the party where they specifically talk about sorority costs. It is crass and totally without class. No name dropping like Madison Ave & Prada. It sounds pretentious and name dropping. Neither topic impresses.

What were your grades like last year? they have to be stellar (think 3.5+) to get a bid as a transfer student.
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