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So the next afternoon I went to the Student Center and received my invites for Pref and they were:

Varsity Blues
The Craft
Can’t Hardly Wait

I breathed a huge sigh of relief once I knew I had a full schedule.

Varsity Blues- I was so excited to come to this pref party! I really liked this group and felt like I could just be myself. I was rushed by a very nice girl I had briefly talked to on Philanthropy Day. Everything was going great until one of the Chapter VP’s came over and when I was introduced she just busted out laughing. My rusher was looking away like she didn’t want to start laughing too. The VP apologized and said that she and other girls thought I must be some kind of sorority stalker when they received my rec and letter of support. That they read them out loud in their best “Ellie Mae” voice and just had quite a laugh about it. I am sure I just looked shocked, I felt like you could have knocked me over with a feather. I just wanted to get out of there. I can’t even really remember the pref ceremony at this house at all.

Can’t Hardly Wait- I had to really pull myself together before this pref party. I put on my best smile and loved the intro that the CHW’s had for Pref. My rusher was a great conversationalist and the time seemed to go by really quickly. The Pref Ceremony was very pretty and I did cry a little. It felt great to release some of the nervousness with those tears. I also like that the sisters walked us each all the way to the door when we were leaving.

The Craft- My last pref party was The Craft and the sisters all looked so excited for Pref day. I remember being rushed by a super sweet girl who had also grown up in Oklahoma so we had a lot in common to talk about. They had a very beautiful ceremony that really highlighted how much they appreciated all the girls in their chapter. I was very nervous and could definitely see myself in this house too.

At the end of Pref we went back to the Student Center. I wish I remembered more about the 2nd and 3rd parties on Pref Day- I guess it is true that a negative impression always lasts longer! I put down my choices as:
1- Can’t Hardly Wait
2- The Craft
Then I left and went to call my mom and tell her that my choices were either her house or The Craft. It was a rather uncomfortable call.
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