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There was a lot of tent talk on Friday evening into Saturday morning. A guy I knew from XYZ fraternity called and asked me which houses I liked. I said they were all nice girls, I knew that if I told him my favorites, then I might as well shout it from the rooftops. We were told to wear spiritwear for our university- so I put on a pair of khakis and my favorite new tiny-tee from the bookstore.

I met up with Rho Chi group at the Student Center and noticed that two girls were missing. We found out that they had already dropped which seemed really strange. Also, about 80% of the rushees were wearing the free t-shirt we received at the freshman orientation over the summer. I was nervous that I looked weird wearing something else, but it was too late to run back to the dorm and change. So I got my invite list and it was:

Can't Hardly Wait
The Craft
Romi & Michelle’s
Varsity Blues

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed that She’s All That didn’t invite me back. I didn’t understand why and wondered if I did something at their party. But I was still THRILLED to have a full schedule and put on my best pageant smile. During Philanthropy round we had 6 parties that were 45 minutes each.

Pleasantville- These girls had a wonderful door chant and their smiling faces were a great sight to see. They did a short presentation about their house accomplishments and then we did a craft that tied into their philanthropy. This house was very passionate about their national cause and the girl who was rushing me said that she had spent 4 weeks during summer volunteering at a camp that tied into their philanthropy. I liked these girls but their house overall seemed like the girls were kind of babyish.
Romi & Michelle’s This house had a really long door chant with a bunch of synchronized movements. It was impressive. They were so perky. We did paint picture frames for their philanthropy and conversation was easy with the girl rushing me. About every 10 minutes or so one of the girls would start a shout out and the rest of the chapter would do a chant or a song. It kind of stopped the flow of conversation and all the bouncing up and down seemed a little strange. I still liked this house but I didn’t know if I could be THAT perky and happy all the time.
Clueless- The first thing that surprised me at this house is that the girls did not come outside to greet us but had us walk in and then an active picked each girl up. After a few hellos, the active that I was with realized she had the wrong girl. Instead of telling me that she just said that she saw a girl she really connect with yesterday and wanted to say hello. So a few minutes later a girl comes rushing up to me and says she is so sorry she forgot that she was supposed to be with me this party. So this house had us tie dye tank tops for girls who participated in their philanthropy. I was very nervous about getting dye all over my clothes as I still had two more parties to attend. This house just gave me the impression that they were kind of too cool to care much.
The Craft- Again, this house was not dressed all matchy-matchy so we could see a bit of each girls individual style. They didn’t do a chant or anything, but did come out and greeted us each by name. Once inside we walked down a hallway that had a photo tour of the house working on their philanthropy projects. A group of the girls had even gone overseas to help with a school for their philanthropy. I really liked this house and felt like the rushers were really trying to get to know me.
Varsity Blues- I was really glad that I had the same rusher from the day before at this house. I also like that not all the girls in this house looked alike. We decorated bags for their philanthropy project and luckily being a Southern girl- I definitely knew how to use a Bedazzler and fabric puff paint! I talked with the actives in this house about intramural sports and sisterhood events. They liked to travel to other universities and chapters of their sorority. I could definitely see myself in this house.
Can’t Hardly Wait- When I first got my schedule I was very nervous that being in the last party the day meant I was at the bottom of their list. I was also concerned that the only reason they invited me back was because I was a legacy. This house had another great opening door chant and the actives came out in order to pick up their girls. I really liked my rusher and found her easy to talk to. The philanthropy activity was putting together toiletry kits. It wasn’t the most exciting activity but I was touched when two of the actives talked about their own experiences with the philanthropy. I really liked this house and was super excited to think that I might wind up wearing the same letters as my mom!

After we let the last party- I was completely drained. We went back to Student Center and ranked the houses. My picks were:
[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]1-Can’t Hardly Wait [/COLOR]
1-The Craft
1-Varsity Blues
3-Romi & Michelle’s

Afterwards we had an all Rushee pizza party at the campus Bowling Alley and the tent talk was going wild. I heard from one of the girls in my Rho Chi group that the “missing rushes” were due to Clueless calling some girls and telling them to drop formal rush and go through COB. Also, I heard that Can't Hardly Wait had all their parties full that day so I was so worried that my chances for Pref were not good.

I was completely exhausted and hoping that I had a full schedule of 3 Prefs the next day!
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