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Mere hours after Preference, Linda and I were getting a little ahead of ourselves at the mall picking out outfits that we might wear to our first chapter meetings. There was a great pair of nude heels that Id been eyeballing for a long time, but I never thought Id have a good opportunity to wear them. I tried them on just for funsies, and imagined myself someday walking out of Viserion's front door and wearing their letters. Sold! As Linda and I were walking out of the shoe store, I got a phone call from our Rho Chi.

I did not receive a bid and was released from recruitment.

I was crushed. How could this have happened? I had such a great time at Viserion and they invited me to Pref. Why would I be invited to Pref if they had no intention of extending a bid to me?

The next day Linda went on to receive her bid from Viserion. She was thrilled. I was happy for her, of course, but also very hurt that I didnt have the same happy ending. I spent the rest of the semester watching her go to socials, attend new member meetings, and getting her big sis.

But Linda ended up not going through with initiation as she decided that she wanted to transfer to another school next semester.
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