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Smile Advice on rushing!

Hello, I need some advice on rushing.

I just got my acceptance letter into West Georgia University. I am very excited and plan on rushing for the sororities on campus.

My school is not very big, but does have a new greek row. I am the first person in my immediate family to choose to rush and maybe join a sorority.

I donít know much about it and do not have many people to ask about it. The one thing I am nervous about is I was home schooled, would that effect if I got into a sorority or not? I did maintain a GPA higher then then all the recommended GPAs for the chapter requirements and school for that matter.

I am very social and have many social skills and have won many awards and was apart of other types of activities and sports. I just did not attend a regular high school. I was not your typical stereotype home schooler.

So my two questions are. 1. Advice on rushing and does it matter if I did not graduate from a regular high school?

I might be able to get recommendations. If that would help.

Thank you. (I hope I posted this on the right page, I am new and this site is a bit confusing).
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