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You might be considering depledging and just rushing again next semester or year.

Some things to consider before you do that:

*If you are initiated into your sorority, you can't go through recruitment again.

*If you did not get a bid from your #1 choice this year, you shouldn't assume that if you depledge 2nd choice and rush again, that 1st choice will give you a bid. You're probably less likely to get a bid from your first choice than you think.

*Heck, if you rush again, there's a chance you won't get invited back to any of the same houses from this year.

*At some schools, sophomores/juniors have literally NO chance at getting a bid the second time. So depending on your school, this bid is likely going to be your only shot at being in ANY sorority. Ask yourself if you would regret dropping out if you rushed next year and didn't get a bid.

*Also ask yourself if you could emotionally handle an unfavorable result. Would you be ok with not getting a bid? Would you be ok if your first choice cut you?

There are alot of things to consider with rushing again, so give it alot of thought because you may not be able to go back to 2nd choice if things don't work out.
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