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Originally Posted by SoCalGirl View Post
At schools where locals are associate members of Panhell and participate in FR are the PNMs made fully aware of which is which? And, do the NPC agreements really truly apply to the locals too? I'm just thinking of what if a PNM knows that she absolutely has zero interest in joining a local (or vice versa); why should she be forced to go to their events?
Bloomsburg U in PA has half locals, half nationals. AFAIK the unanimous agreements on rushing completely apply to the locals, the locals hold officer positions in Panhel, etc. They are full members of Panhel, so why should rushees be EXEMPTED from their events? I'm sure there are also women going through rush who have zero interest in joining (example) groups that don't have chapters in California, so should they be allowed to skip ASA and AST's parties?

If joining a national and not a local is that important to a rushee, she needs to research and ask questions at rush.

Locals that are just associate members usually hold their rush apart from when NPCs do. That's a whole different animal.
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