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Originally Posted by AEPhiSierra View Post
This particular group was founded with the intention of going national. I know they were specifically rejected by one group they originally had in mind. I am not sure if they pursued other groups. At this point I don't believe the organization could affiliate with a npc because too many of their members would not be eligible i.e. gpa's, not full time student etc.
As far as I remember back in the day....they didn't pursue other groups and once they got rejected by the one that they pursued they were anti-going national and put down any groups there were any chance they got, and this came from both actives and alumnae.

Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
And the fact that they DON'T participate in formal rush probably creates even more of a nationals/locals schism. There are schools where the nationals and locals do everything together as far as rush/panhel is concerned, and there are probably girls rushing who wouldn't know (or care) which was which because everything's pretty much seamless.
If this school made them participate in FR, I doubt there would be as many problems with the Greek system as their is, but they are allowed to do whatever they want. That is something that is a fault of the school
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