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Cool Curlygirl NM Experience

Hello everyone! I'm new to the Kappa forum...but not to Greek Chat! I posted my rush (sorry...recruitment) experience at UF day-by-day. Since then I've been soo busy with class, and Kappa and everything else...that I haven't had a chance to update everyone.

I finally lurked out and posted on the DZ @ UF thread...and got a bunch of requests to tell all about my NM experience.

I'm definitely excited about everything. Initiation is Oct.4-5...and our I-week is next week. I'm going this weekend to make my paddle for my big sister. They have so many things planned for us next week! We have a sleepover, flower ceremony, Kore group dinner, and then initiation on Friday.

I don't really know what everyone wants to hear about my NM experience at just ask questions!!
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