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Originally Posted by Griffins&Quills View Post
I'm not sure the years but I think there was a short period of Balfour badges for us and the numbering system is totally screwed up on those badges. Instead of our normal Chapter-Member Number the Balfour badges are just A-#### and I think I've seen a B-####
Yep - I have a Balfour badge from 1982 and the number on the back is B-####. One of these days I'm going to have it removed and replaced with my chapter and initials.

I agree with all who say the quality of the recent badges leaves a lot to be desired. We have a special badge since the Panhel National President is an AOII for two years, and a good number of members who ordered that badge had problems with it, mostly the ones who ordered a holder to go with it. The badges came mounted off center in the holder or had asymmetrical stone placement in areas. I've also heard people complaining about losing pearls.
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