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I'm quitting my sorority. Can I keep my pin? Can I tell them I lost my pin? I paid for the pin, I want to make a profit off my pin.
The pin/badge has a special meaning to the members. if you no longer wish to belong to the organization, you are no longer eligible to to partake of the privileges while turning your back on the responsibility. You are renting the pin for as long as you are a member. If you vacate your apartment, do you get to take the carpet, the walls, the toilet and or the shower with you just because you gave your landlord money? If you rent a car and turn it in after the end of the lease, do you really think the dealer is going to give you back any of the upgrades to that vehicle? TURN YOUR PIN IN> IT IS NOT YOURS! if the organization wishes to take you to small claims court, they will bring the paperwork you signed. A judge will not only order you to return the pin/badge but also reimburse the organization for any expenses incurred while attempting to have you return the pin/badge. Many organizations will not approve your application to withdraw your membership until you return your pin. Until the application is delayed, your financial responsibility to the group will still remain in force thus costing a considerable amount of money.

I don't want my "BIG to hate me when I resign my membership.
They won't necessarily hate you, they will be hurt and disappointed. They invested time in you and you wasted their time. You turned your back on them. You are gone, so be it. Out of sight, out of mind. You want to keep that pin and lie to the members, who wants to associate themselves with a liar and and cheater?


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