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Day 4: Preference Night

David Yurman
Southern Tide

Party 1: David Yurman
I felt refreshed and rejuvenated after my Rho Gamma's support last night. I was so glad to see this house on my list again and wanted to make the best of the opportunities I was given. I was paired with the active that I had fallen in love with on Day 2, and we hugged before we settled down into our seats. I was thrilled to see her and I realized how happy I was to be back at this house. I felt as if I could talk about anything with this girl, and our conversations flowed just as smoothly as they did on the second day I had walked into the house. Without revealing too much from this chapter's preference ceremony, I received another sweet gesture from the girl from my hometown who had rushed me on the first day and I found it extremely touching. When it was time for the preference ceremony, I cried my eyes out at the sweet things the sisters had to say about each other. They clearly had such a strong bond and loved each other for who they were. When the ceremony was over, my rusher gave me another hug and asked me if my decision tonight would be difficult. I told her that I knew exactly where I wanted to be. I loved the house and was so sure that I wanted to be a part of their incredible sisterhood.

Party 2: Southern Tide

I found myself appreciating the ceremony as it also displayed the strong sisterhood that the girls shared. However, I already knew exactly which house I wanted to be a part of and there was no changing my mind. I was paired with the girl that had been very sweet to me on the first day of recruitment who had made it a point to greet me by name the whole week. We had a warm and friendly conversation, but the feeling I got at David Yurman wasn't apparent in this house.

The next day was Bid Day. I will never forget standing in the building where we were to pref our houses; there were so many girls lined up, mouthing to their friends across the room with looks of excitement and confusion while the Rho Gammas attempted to quiet everyone. Girls hunched over their recruitment notebooks with the utmost concentration, making their final choices between two or three houses. Some pulled their Rho Gammas aside to talk to if they needed help or words of advice. I imagined that there were a few girls that felt the same way I did; they calmly folded their hands over their recruitment journals and smiled peacefully. I had gone into recruitment wanting to be a part of a sorority so badly, but I promised myself that I would not allow myself to join a house that I couldn’t see myself in. I was so happy I had found that in David Yurman after such a long week, and hoped for the best tomorrow.

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