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Day 3: Sisterhood/Skit Day

Party List:
David Yurman
Southern Tide

I wanted to cry to my Rho Gammas when I saw my schedule, but couldn't because I was already late and rushing to my first party. I was devastated that I only had three houses on my list. I had really liked Brooks Brothers and couldn’t figure out why Lilly Pulitzer had cut me. I enjoyed Burberry as well and I was so disappointed. I found myself trying to force a smile through most of my parties today. I strongly believe that what happens always happens for a reason, so I pushed through my parties for the day. It was so hard seeing my friends dash off to their favorite houses with full party schedules. At the same time, I knew many girls who were cut from recruitment already and more who decided to drop out because of the harsh cuts so I did my best to stay positive.

Party 1: David Yurman
I definitely still liked this house and the girls that had rushed me earlier in the week made it a point to greet me by name. Their skit was cute and my rusher was nice.

Party 2: Southern Tide
They had clearly worked hard on their skit, but I knew from the start that I didn't belong here.

Party 3: Lacoste
This house was really put together and I adored their skit. However, the girls I was talking to seemed like they weren't genuinely interested in what I had to say. Some of them seemed really distant and ignorant, which was a huge change from the first day of recruitment.

I felt so lost after these parties. I was so set on finding my home and wanted to stick it out until the end just to see if my opinion on any of the houses had changed. I had never been one to quit and I knew I was going to stick it out until the end, whether that was getting a bid to a house or until I got cut from every one. In a way, I came into these parties feeling more motivated and determined, because I knew I had to give it my all. However, I desperately needed words of support and encouragement.

After my third party, I decided to see my Rho Gammas at our designated meeting spot. One of them came over to me and greeted me with a smile and asked how I was doing. At that point, I burst into tears and began telling her everything that was going through my mind. She nodded in understanding as I told her I didn't want to drop and that I was having a difficult time accepting that houses I loved had cut me. She emphasized with me, telling me that she had gone through the same experience when she was going through recruitment as well, but reminded me that everything works out exactly the way it's supposed to. She told me that she ended up finding her home away from home on preference night and fell head over heels in love with her sorority. Her encouraging words touched my heart and she gave me a long hug as she told me to keep holding my head high.

Since I only had three houses left and the maximum I could go back to tomorrow was three, I didn't cut any houses tonight.

0. David Yurman
0. Lacoste
0. Southern Tide

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