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Day 2: Philanthropy Day

The maximum number of parties we could attend was nine. I was happy to have seven on my list, as some of my friends received only three or four since recruitment was so competitive this year.

Party List:
Brooks Brothers
Lilly Pulitzer
Vera Bradley
David Yurman
Southern Tide

I was very happy with my schedule! I was so excited for Brooks Brothers, Burberry, and Lilly Pulitzer, which were some of my absolute favorite houses yesterday. I was very disappointed to see Northface and Louis Vuitton gone from my list, but stayed positive and was very eager to begin the day.

Party 1: Brooks Brothers
Through tent talk, I had heard that Brooks Brothers was one of the strongest houses on campus so I was thrilled to be back. I had so much fun talking to the active I was paired with and I definitely hoped to see them tomorrow too. I loved how involved the girls were in their philanthropy and how easy it was to see that the girls loved their house. Conversation flowed so well here. I absolutely adored them and had so much fun!

Party 2: Lilly Pulitzer
Another house I was thrilled to see on my list! I told the active I was paired with that I had fallen in love with the chapter, and I really felt as if I had. Everyone was SO sweet and I could definitely see myself at fitting in very well with the girls. Every girl was so easy to talk to and so down to earth. I really hoped I got invited back tomorrow too!

Party 3: Vera Bradley
I didn't want this house on my list but figured it was best to give these girls another chance. Today wasn't any better than the last though, as I didn't have a good time at all. The girls seemed rehearsed and awkward.

Party 4: Burberry
I remember struggling to see why this chapter has the reputation of being conceited. I was so in love with these girls as they are clearly so involved and enjoy their philanthropy so much. For now, I'm trusting my heart and not what I've heard about these girls. I enjoyed this house very much and again exited this house with a happy smile on my face!

Party 5: Lacoste
I liked this house and a lot of girls I talked to did as well. My rusher was kind of quiet and it seemed like I had to keep the conversation going at times. Still, I kept thinking about how much fun I had on the first day and still hoped I'd be back again.

Party 6: David Yurman
I enjoyed the house yesterday but I liked it even more today. The girls were very sweet and genuine and so enthusiastic about their house. I absolutely adored the girl I talked to! Conversation was wonderful here and I'm hoping to have this house back tomorrow too!

Party 7: Southern Tide
The conversations here were mediocre and the actives seemed too eager and came off as fake. I knew this wasn't the house for me.

My mental list of favorite to least favorite:
0. Lilly Pulitzer
0. Brooks Brothers
0. Burberry
0. David Yurman
0. Lacoste
0. Vera Bradley

Since I only had seven houses on my list, I could only cut one because the maximum number of houses we could go back to for the third day of recruitment was six.

1. Southern Tide

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