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The day before recruitment, about 900 other girls and I met in an auditorium in one of the main buildings on campus to learn more about the recruitment process. We were told that we were the largest group to ever come through Panhellenic recruitment in the history of Texas A&M. After standing in a seemingly endless line to pick up our t-shirts for the first day of rush tomorrow, receive a Rho Gamma group number and chatting with other girls who were just an anxious to begin the process as I was, I finally got to sit down in my seat in the auditorium. My group met with our three Rho Gammas, who were very friendly and eager to answer all our questions about recruitment. I recall not being able to sleep that night because I was so excited to begin the process of finding my home away from home. Since I was a freshman in high school, I had known that I wanted to be in a sorority; the strong bonds of sisterhood and idea of having literally hundreds of sisters to turn to in times of both happiness and struggle appealed to me more than anything. And the day I was accepted to my university, I began wondering which of the twelve chapters I would be a part of. I had many friends that had gone Greek at my school so I knew the general reputations of every house and which ones appealed to me the most; however, I was positive that I was going to keep an open mind and form my own opinions based on the discussions I would have with the actives. The process of rushing was so exciting to me, because I knew would be a member for life and I would only get to go through the recruitment process once. I went to bed happy and ready to give my best effort to every single house the following day.
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