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Originally Posted by DGTess View Post
What gets me is people's willingness to let it continue.

I come from a tradition where one doesn't go to school in the home state, and seldom returns to hometown after graduation; we follow careers, not geography. But excusing those who perpetuate the "XXX, YYY or ZZZ only" mentality exacerbates what I see as a problem and what apparently others see as "oh, well, that's life."

This whole discussion is reinforcing the happiness I felt when my daughter chose not to rush in Texas.
Can't agree enough!! I'm from the northeast and was in a "competitive" sorority at an SEC school way back in the 80's. I had a wonderful experience, but I so remember how cut throat it was once I was participating in the rush process as a member. It's one of the main reasons I didn't want to stay in the south and hoped my girls wouldn't go south for college.

Fortunately they chose Big Ten schools. While momoffour desperately wanted her daughter to pledge XYZ chapters, I desperately wanted my girls to have a positive rush experience and land in a house where they felt happy and comfortable. I didn't know or care about where it fell on the spectrum of popularity.

Tons of my neighborhood friends were in sororities and several wrote recs for my daughters and I've done the same for many of them. We have NEVER had a discussion about who landed where in terms of anything but happiness and pride for any and all sororities.

I really think all this crazy stuff perpetuates in the south because of parents and alums.
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