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Originally Posted by shadokat View Post
At the chapters I've advised prior to my last placement, disaffiliation was never really an issue. Women were committed to the organization and knew the expectations. I took a 7 year break between advising stints, and with the chapter I currently advise, disaffiliation is thrown around all the time. And it's not just our chapter, it's campus-wide. I don't know why or when this change happened. And in my 4.5 years active, we never had one woman self-disaffiliate. Women may have depledged during the NM period every once in awhile, but once initiated, women didn't leave. It's truly disheartening to watch some days.
In any volunteer role I have ever had, I have had zero tolerance for the "omg I'm going to quit." It is usually a cry for attention/drama.

The last email I got that was an "I'm going to quit" email, I simply responded "Ok, the exit form is ____. If you'd like to discuss it email me at xxx."

Your chapter sisters can do the "omg pleaseeeee don't quit" dramatics that you so desire. I will not.
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