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Originally Posted by ansmith7 View Post
I will be going to Alabama next fall and I am going to rush. No one in my family has ever gone to Alabama, and the only person in my family who was in a sorority was my grandma. What are the chances I will get a bid? I am also working on getting letters of rec
Originally Posted by ansmith7 View Post
I have a 3.8 gpa and im very involved (community service club, volleyball, leadership clubs, internships, etc.). I am attending preview weekend, but I have yet to find out when that is. Would you suggest natural makeup with more preppy conservative clothes?
Just a QFP

Anismith, it would also not hurt to, right NOW, begin compiling a list of women you know who are sorority alumnae. Start asking around! Relatives, teachers, women at church, where you work and volunteer. Your mom can post a request on her Facebook page, too. Make a list of names, their sorority, addresses (snail and e-mail). You will need to find recommendations for 16 of the 17 UA sororities (Sigma Delta Tau does not participate in formal recruitment and has a different living situation, but if you're interested, they would also appreciate a recommendation). You will want to ask them to write you a "rec" toward the end of your senior year. At that time, give each person a resume with your name, address, parents' names, GPA and school info, a list of your awards and honors, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, church work, paid work - now is the time to brag about your accomplishments! Add an unofficial school transcript after graduation. This will give them everything they need to write your rec.

And send a thank you note to each!

YOU will not receive the rec - the alumna will send it to the UA chapter of her sorority. The thank you-note will a) show what a well-brought-up young lady you are, b) express your gratitude and b) jog their memory if they've forgotten to get that rec written and in the mail. I doubt they would mind if you asked for a message when they've got it sent off, just to give you some peace of mind.

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