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Originally Posted by ansmith7 View Post
Would my chances increase if I start to reach out and talk to current and graduating members at UA now? Also what is the difference between old and new row? I am very new to the whole greek thing but I really want to be in a sorority.
Q#1. Yes, absolutely! But don't be creepy about it.
Q#2. Old Row is a term which originally mean fraternities (not sororities) still located on University Blvd. and nearby south of the Quad. The term arose when fraternities began building houses north of the Quad, which was referred to as New Row. Today it refers to a loose coalition of fraternities and sororities that pay into a fund to throw a party or two for themselves. Not all groups are "invited" to join.
It's also a term that some use to designate the most "exclusive, desirable, highest prestige" groups.
Which is really a bunch of BS.
The experience of being in a sorority is really similar no matter what group you join. And no matter what you read on that other trashy site.

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