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Originally Posted by DeltaBetaBaby View Post
I knew of openly gay men in Beta Theta Pi and Sigma Chi at Illinois. This was a decade ago, too. If you think those groups wouldn't give gay men bids at SEC schools, it is most definitely not the same at all schools, or even at all large Greek schools.
I actually don't think Sigma Chi would give bids to gay men at an SEC school, so I don't know if we agree or disagree. And Illinois has different political views than your SEC states. I used Texas and SC as examples because they are both states that are predominantly conservative. SC being very conservative. But North Carolina is also a very conservative state, is it not? So, just based on that, I would say the Greek Life at NC overall carries a conservative view, which would mean extending a bid to a homosexual PNM is out of the question. I'm not bashing the OP's preferences, I just don't know how a "southern fraternity" at NC would view a homosexual PNM. When I hear someone say "southern fraternity", I think of the Southern Triad (KA, EN, and ATO) and SAE. And based on my experiences, I would say that the Big 4, when it comes to "southern fraternities", would not extend a bid to him.
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