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Originally Posted by OmegaPDPrez View Post
i'll be completely honest.
we did a process into how we chose the specific letters we would like to stand for... and we based a few things surrounding the meanings and reasons why we chose them. three weeks later we stumbled upon an organization in canada that claimed to have already established the same letters. We did <i mean our vp> some reasearch and we tried to do the best we could to establish an agreement with the members of the fraternity... and just recently their site was dismembered... and we havent been able to contact them

Point is... my sisters and i werent about to change the letters... no others letter fit like these do... and while some of their brothers understood that, not all of them did...
so technically we arent really affiliated or associated with them.. it was out of respect that we acknowledge the use of the letters by another group-- which by me is okay as long as they respect the letters the same way i do

i hope this clears things up for you
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