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Originally Posted by OmegaPDPrez View Post
What I shouldve said is that an once important member of the organization didnot want to be affiliated with us. Other members of the organization felt that it would be a good idea for us to keep our letters, otherwise...
I see. I think what's confusing me is not that they some of them didn't mind you using their letters, but that your org's history appears to indicate that this Canadian fraternity was actively part of the founding of Omega Phi Delta s.o.


Omega Phi Delta is a social organization designed to fit the needs of college men and women looking for brother and sisterhood within their university. Established in 2002 Omega Phi Delta began as an all male organization and until 2006 did not have any women members. The values of the organization were shared by both interested men and women and with the unanimous decision among current brothers Omega Phi Delta became an organization for both men and women.
From this, it sounds like that Canadian fraternity went co-ed in 2006. Then your site further explains:

Understanding Omega Phi Delta s.o.

Omega Phi Delta s.o. is a social organization for women who share common interests. Its about being best friends and always knowing that you have a shoulder to lean on. It's about togetherness and openness. If you feel that these things represent you we welcome you to learn more!
The connection between this and the previous history is unclear, but it looks like you're associated with the Canadian fraternity in some way. But, as you've said, this is not so. They only "felt that it would be a good idea for [you] to keep [your] letters." Now, I wouldn't suggest that you share private information about your history on your public site, but I think it's important to be as clear as possible so you can set yourselves apart (particularly as a local organization).
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