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Originally posted by Rudey
You are freaking me out because I never check to see if my deposits are made and I never get ATM receipts to make sure everything went OK.

Check everything and keep everything! When I told my mom what happened, she said that the reason she never makes ATM deposits is because she's heard of stuff like this happening.

As for what's going on now...
I asked my work today if the 2 other checks had cleared. They did. One of the ladies in the accounting department was nice enough to provide me with a copy of the checks WaMu had processed. Funny...they have some other WaMu customer's account number on them. This goes into the "I can't make this up" file. Unbelieveable. Some dude is richer from my money.

I called the branch manager at the bank to give him a piece of my mind. Turns out ATM deposits are processed somewhere else so it's not his fault. Of course not. It's never anyone's fault at WaMu. I told him that I always thought when you make a deposit to your account that it goes into your account and not someone else's. I faxed him my copy of the cleared checks. I felt bad because he was really nice about everything and I could tell he felt bad and was just as surprised as me that it happend.

He called the processing center and they told him that it would take 5 business days to sort it out. Arrrgh. The branch manager said that they have to research it and find out why it was not deposited into my account. Here's a simple answer: Because your company personnel is filled with a bunch of idiots.

My biggest fear is that they find some way to give me the run around or not place the checks back into my account. The manager says he can't imagine why that would happen considering he has copies of the checks but I'm only 45% convinced that this will get resolved. After what happened last year with my rent check, I don't put anything past them.

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