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I'm so sorry everyone, the time slipped away from me .
I ended up going through both COB processes for both Peggy and Angelica.
For Peggy on day 1- we had a dinner at the stadium (they're rebuilding the house) and everyone was so so nice, we talked about everything but school. After my experience with Eliza it was great to have people interested in me and not just my major and clubs I was apart of. I connected strongly with this one girl in Peggy who kept telling me about the new house, about our campus, and how she wishes she got more involved. I got her number and she told me how she could really see me there. And than I could see myself there.

had such a great time at Peggy on day 1 that I didn't want to go to Angelica I felt like I was betraying Peggy somehow, in my mind I saw myself as a Peggy but I needed to give every chapter the best chance I could.
Angelica:This house was big but for some reason it didn't feel like home right away. A lot of people expected me to belong here because of my religion and originally this was where I thought I'd be able to call home. We had a pajama party in the back of the house and I felt myself really liking the girls and the structure. I saw people interacting with each other and wished that I could have that same kind of sisterhood. At the same time though, as I was interacting with the other PNMs I didn't really feel comfortable, I felt on edge, like I was watching everything I said.

I left Angelica feeling conflicted. On campus this sorority has a better reputation than others and they fit my values. At the COB orientation they told us the next step was to wait to see if you were invited to the next event

The next morning I woke up at 8 AM-( it was so early) to a knock on my door, I live in the dorms right by the main library, slid under my door was a card with Angelica's letters on it, inviting me to afternoon brunch. I was sad that I hadn't heard from Peggy but relieved to still be going through the COB process.

I went to brunch dressed in skinny jeans, wedges, and a floral off the shoulder blouse. I felt way more comfortable today everyone was being so nice and it was cool talking to more people. I spent maybe 10 minutes talking to the president about her experience.
I got home with my mind made up, if I was offered a bid from Angelica I would take it as I still hadn't heard back from Peggy.
The minute I got home I got a call from my friend in Angelica, she was inviting me out to a late night movie and froyo.
We were going with 4 other sisters. I was so confused, was this an event, was it not?
Can I go to two events with two chapters in one day and like them both? My head was spinning.
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