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Originally Posted by EE-BO View Post

All too often it happened at a competitive campus where someone was hoping to not join a sisterhood but instead use Greek letters to make up for other social inadequacies.

This is so true. I find that this was the case even at the non-competitive school I went to.

The girls who ended up having the best experiences and being happy in the end were those who didn't set out only wanting Most Popular. They're the ones who just want to be in a sorority that wants them and they feel comfortable with.

In addition, I think that girls would come out of recruitment having had a better experience if they could get this idea through their heads:

If you did not get invited to join your top choice, they didn't want you. But your 2nd/3rd choice that you got a bid from obviously did. So you should give them a chance, as opposed to getting upset over a group that wasn't interested enough in you to rank you high. Why not be with the girls that wanted to have you?

Harsh? Yep. But it is also true.
"Remember that apathy has no place in our Sorority." - Kelly Jo Karnes, Pi

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