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Excellent post as usual EE-BO. One of the things I have been contemplating recently is why there seems to be a disproportionate number of unhappy recruitment endings on Greekchat. I think it gives the wrong impression that it happens more frequently than it does IRL. I have come to the conclusion that many of the women coming here prior to recruitment probably lack the understanding of the Greek system that many others already have, so they may not be quite as prepared for a successful recruitment. And a lot of times, especially at competitive schools, there really is no way to completely prepare when you're starting from scratch and using things like the internet for advice, getting all your recs from panhellenic alumna who do not personally know you, going into recruitment without knowing any chapter members etc. And of course there are the large number of women and helis who come here afterward to vent and question the process. I mean how many women come here for the first time looking for recruitment related information after a successful rush? It's always going to be the ones who are disappointed. So I think here at Greekchat we see an overabundance of sad stories instead of all the victories out there, and the casual reader could get the wrong impression that an overly large number of recruitments go very very wrong.
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