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Originally Posted by ree-Xi View Post
Well since our chapter has been inactive for 18 years, I couldn't tell you. If this was for our Alumnae chapter, we'd go through the same process - voting on any requests.

I can't tell if you're playing the morality game to see if an org would allow service hours escorting women for medical treatment or counseling at an "abortion clinic", or playing the conundrum game of "why is ok to escort patients but not to support the picketers?" or vise versa.

Again, questioning your motives.
I'm saying that if a chapter doesn't specify what organizations are acceptable for service outside the chapter program, you end up with members asking for service hours in organizations that other members don't consider work with to be community service. if you have a member who is (*flips coin*) adamantly pro-life, then they may not vote to approve service hours for the act of escorting those seeking an abortion. I'm saying that this can be avoided by approving organizations ahead of time.
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