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Would love some input on our fundraiser idea.

So, our chapter's first fundraiser is called "More than Just a Name". Between us, we are able to fluently read, write and speak nine languages. We decided to take this ability and create something to raise funds that would simultaneously be nice for others to have and easy on the materials costs.

We're planning to sell custom calligraphed names and short phrases on art paper to order on the spot in a choice of six languages.

Our big question seems to be:

Is it better to have a few examples handy to show prospective customers, and/or to also have demos throughout the day, so prospective customers may see us at work and know what kind of product they would be getting?

Also, since we are students and only have finite amounts of time (hello, studying!) would the ability for customers to pre-order to spread out the load be something that might make sense? I mean, in that case it would be difficult to actually do those orders on the spot....and would deprive a customer of seeing his or her order come to life...but it would be helpful to our sisters time-wise and might bring other potential customers in if they see that their friends have them already and how nice they look.

We're charging .50cents per small and $1.00 for the large. I hope that we aren't pricing things too cheaply.

We are curious of what others may think about our concerns and any other ideas about making this event a success that anyone might have.

Thank you!
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