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In 1953 the SUNY system outlawed national GLOs due to racist practices, leaving the peculiar situation w/ many colleges in the state of New York with many GLOs that are "local" but have many chapters across the state that are loosely affiliated with each other. Some chapters still exist, some died out, some affiliated w/ NPC groups after the ban was lifted, some changed their names etc...

I really want to put together a directory of these "regionals", active chapters, dead chapters, chapters that changed affiliations, etc but I need a lot of your help! Please let me know of any Im missing as well!

Here's what I have so far!


Phi Kappa Pi (Clionian Society)
-SUNY Geneseo (Alpha Clio) (Active)
-SUNY Potsdam (Kappa Clio) (Active)
-SUNY Plattsburgh (Delta Clio) (Dead?) (Unrecognized?)(Phi Kappa Chi)
-SUNY Oneonta (? Clio) (Dead)
-Mansfield (? Clio) (Dead)
-New Paltz (? Clio) (Dead)

Alpha Kappa Phi (Agonian Society)
-SUNY Geneseo (Alpha) (Active)
-SUNY Oneonta (Beta) (Active)
-SUNY Potsdam (Gamma) (Active)
-SUNY Plattsburgh (Delta) (Dead)
-SUNY Oswego (Epsilon) (Dead)
-Mansfield (Epsilon) (Alumni)
-SUNY Brockport (Zeta) (Dead)
-Jamaica, NY (Eta) (Alumni)
-SUNY Cortland (Theta) (Dead)
-Indiana, PA (Iota) (Dead)
-Pittsburgh, PA (Iota) (Alumni)
-SUNY New Paltz (Kappa) (Active)

Alpha Delta Society
-SUNY Geneseo (Epsilon) (Active)
-SUNY Potsdam (Kappa) (Active)
-SUNY Oswego (Eta) (Active)
-SUNY Plattsburgh (Theta) (Dead)

Sigma Gamma Phi (Arethusa Society)
-SUNY Geneseo (Gamma) (Active)
-SUNY Brockport (Alpha) (Dead)
-Rochester Free Academy (Beta) (Dead)
-SUNY Oneonta (Delta) (Active)
-SUNY New Paltz (Epsilon) (Dead)
-Buffalo Normal School (Zeta) (Dead)
-SUNY Oswego (Eta) (Active)
-SUNY Cortland (Theta) (Dead)
-Potsdam Normal School (Lambda) (Dead)
-Community College of the Finger Lakes (Eta) (Dead)
-SUNY Potsdam/ Clarkson University (Iota) (Active)
-SUNY Fredonia (Kappa) (Active)


Delpic Society
-SUNY Geneseo (DKT) (Alpha) (Active)
-SUNY Oneonta (Beta) (Dead)
-Jamaica, NY (Gamma) (Dead)
-Mansfield (Delta) (Dead)
-SUNY Cortland (Epsilon) (Dead)
-SUNY New Paltz (Zeta) (Active)
-SUNY Plattsburgh (Eta) (Dead)
-SUNY Potsdam (Baconian) (Active)
-SUNY Binghamton (Theta) (Active)
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