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# of NPC sororities per campus

I have just completed some research on the number of N.P.C. groups on each campus and I think the results may surprise many of you. First, there is a total of 661 institutions that list N.P.C. sororities, which amazed me because that means that the largest N.P.C. group has chapters at only approximately one-fourth of all N.P.C. campi. Secondly, the overwhelming majority of institutions have five or less N.P.C. sororities. Thirdly, only 4% of women going through rush (at only 26 institutions) have the opportunity of being introduced to at least half of all N.P.C. groups.

At 76 institutions only one N.P.C. sorority is listed; 98 have 2; 129 have 3; 105 have 4; 74 have 5; 50 have 6; 20 have 7; 25 have 8; 17 have 9; 10 have 10; 16 have 11; 5 have 12; 5 have 13; 9 have 14; 2 have 15; 5 have 16; 2 have 17; 0 have 18; 1 has 19; & 2 have 20.

With an average of 8.47 N.P.C. groups per institution, Pi Beta Phi meets the largest number of N.P.C. sororities. They are followed closely by Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Kappa Gamma and Delta Delta Delta. The smallest number is Theta Phi Alpha with 3.49 and Alpha Sigma Tau with 4.07. Those two, plus Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Phi Epsilon and Phi Sigma Sigma, are at a number of single chapter institutions. I have the complete list if anyone is interested.

A few other observations stood out: Miami U. has more N.P.C. groups and Bowling Green has the same number as a much larger Ohio State. O.S.U., along with Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota & Wisconsin, have a huge number of inactive N.P.C. groups. The same is true on the west coast with Cal, U.C.L.A. & Oregon.

Anyway, the above N.P.C. sorority trivia gives us something to talk about during the summer hiatus when not much Greek life is occurring.
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