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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Amazing that she knows already what it takes most people a lifetime to learn - in so many parts of life.
Yes -- I see she wrote some other blog entries about some struggles, pain, and disappointment she experienced in high school and as an athlete. This young lady seems to be embracing a whole new adventure as a freshman at Auburn.

In keeping with your comment, I thought this blog entry was interesting since it makes mention of a controversy ongoing in her community -- she seems wiser than many adults in her community. Backstory: Her high school's BOE recently made a decision to replace their Colonel Reb mascot (was like the former Ole Miss mascot). This has been in the news and also fodder for facebook flames among those choosing sides in her community. To which she writes and then asks:

On September 4, 2015, I realized that not everyone graduates from high school.

Mothers pick who their children should or should not hang out with. Grown women comment hateful things on each other’s Facebook’s or purposely say hurtful things to others behind their backs. Grown men and women call each other explicative’s on Community Forums.

Grown women are still high schoolers. They’re just a lot less fake about it.
So, call me bitter. Share this post with one of your friends and talk about how wrong I am. That’s fine, all you’ve done is just prove me right.

Maybe my experiences don’t match up with yours, but before you comment or text me or email my mom your opinions.. Just one small question…

When will YOU graduate from high school?
Wishing this young lady the best as she embarks on the beginning of the rest of her life!

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