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I'm an AI and was initiated almost 9 years ago. I did not join to re-live my college years or to attend collegiate type socials or b/c I didn't have friends in college. Sororities did not exist on my campus when I was there. One of my co-workers is an alumna and we started talking about GPB one day - what it was all about, what alumnae did, what she gets out of it now, stuff like that.

I did some research to learn more about the sorority (didn't know at the time I could join) and we talked more about it and I found that the values and mission of the sorority were very similar to mine. I told my friend that it seemed like a great organization and something that I thought would be nice to be a part of, thinking that would never happen. That's when she told me about AI.

I attended some alumnae gatherings and met them and they ranged in age from about 10 years older than me to 50 years older (I was 24 at the time). They were such a fun and nice bunch of women to be around. They didn't care that I was younger and that they could be my mom or grandma. We got along and enjoyed being around each other.

It did not matter that I did not have a collegiate experience to relate to their's. We had families, hobbies and other things that we could talk about. Alumnae life does not exist solely to talk about what you did in college.

Why is AI beneficial? To bring women into the sisterhood that share the same ideals and values of the organization and are willing to advance it's mission in whatever way she is able to (advisor, philanthropy work, being a great sister). It's pretty much the same reason as collegiates recruit members, but doing those things with other alumnae and often on different levels. Not every woman who has the potential to be a great sister had the opportunity to start that journey in college, so why look down upon them if they are truly a good fit for the organization?

I do agree that AI is not a substitute for not getting a bid in college and it is not for everyone. The intent of the PAI must be determined before considering her for membership.
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